DonateThe Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation (CIBCF) is a self funding, non government organization whose executives and members are all volunteers.

The CIBF was formed in September 2003 as a result of a meeting of interested women who were passionate about raising awareness on Breast cancer and encouraging and assisting women to have a mammogram, especially women from the Outer Islands. The Cook Islands Ministry of Health had just installed a mammogram machine, donated by the French Government and this group was keen to assist the Ministry in ensuring women had access to information about the service and to lobby government to a make full use of the machine.

In July the following year (2004) CIBF was incorporated.


  • Pink Ribbon Appeal – CIBF has designated October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and holds it Pink Ribbon Appeal during this month
  • Donations
  • Other fundraisers – other fundraising events are also organized to boost funds

The money we receive or raise helps to fund the following programmes and activities :

  • Media campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness in October promoting early detection (mammography) and Breast Self Examination
  • promoting breast cancer awareness within the community, by meetings, and newspaper and TV advertising
  • Raising awareness during the visit of mammography team as arranged by the Ministry of Health
  • Transporting women by air from the Outer Islands to Rarotonga for mammography screening
  • Providing transport for women from the outer islands to the hospital in Rarotonga for their mammography screening
  • Assisting other Non Government Organizations with Outer Islands visits to carry out pap smear screening and breast examinations
  • Education resources such as leaflets and flyers

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